Our champions

Many people love OR VET and use it daily.

We have the pleasure and pride to present to you the riders sponsored by Or-Vet The complement.

Each equestrian discipline deserves attention and investment, which is why our team is made up of unique and successful riders from all backgrounds.

Or-Vet products are used and adopted by our partner riders, it is in this exchange that we find complete satisfaction, in fact, we work in correlation with everyone so that the range best meets the expectations of these high-level athletes what are horses.

Jumping : 

  • Jérôme Hurel (FRA)
  • Laurent Guillet (FRA)
  • Guillaume Foutrier (FRA)
  • Baptiste Eichner (FRA)
  • Nicolas Deseuzes (SUI)
  • Jean-Luc Mourier (FRA)
  • Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA)
  • Inès Joly (NL)
  • Olivier PERREAU (FRA)