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OR DRAINING supports the functioning of the kidneys, liver and lymphatic system.
This natural product promotes the elimination of toxins and helps recovery following a parasitic infection such as piroplasmosis, lyme disease or leptospirosis.
OR DRAINING is particularly recommended for older, convalescent or tired horses, with poor recovery or after intense physical effort.
It can be used in case of engorgement, after vaccination, deworming or anti-infective treatment.
OR DRAINING is a blend of plants and essential oils specially selected for their detoxifying, diuretic and hepato-protective effects.

Eliminate toxins


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Administration mode

Give 3mL per 100kg (≃ 15 to 20mL/d) between meals directly in the mouth using a syringe after shaking the bottle. To be used as a cure for 1 month, to be renewed if necessary.


Water, Chlorumag 50, Fluid extracts: Nettle, Sweet Clover, Dandelion, Ash, Angelica, Fennel, Burdock, Desmodium. Dry extracts of Artichoke, Milk Thistle, Patience, Lovage. Copper, Manganese, Selenium. Essential oils: Boldo, Fennel, Birch. Conservatives.

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