The origin of the brand

Or-Vet was born from the bringing together of veterinarians, pharmaceutical researchers, and high-level riders, driven by the same passion and a common leitmotif:

Achieve sporting performance by improving the horse's well-being and comfort of life, using only authorized, non-doping natural products.

Or-Vet thus results from the key alliance between 3 major high-level players:
- The veterinary experience and skills acquired by Doctor Bertrand Franquet, who has been supporting and treating horses of the highest level for nearly 30 years.
- The contribution of the best riders in the world who exchanged with us, tested the products and transmitted all their observations on the feelings and perceptible results obtained on their best horses.
- Pharmaceutical studies on the effectiveness of plants, essential oils, vitamins, their extraction and their associations.

Or-Vet products meet draconian specifications and are mainly manufactured in France, in a pharmaceutical laboratory to guarantee perfect traceability.
Before being launched, they are tested for more than a year by renowned riders before being marketed, and we have, among other things, set up a blind testing process using placebos to properly qualify the actions. and the effectiveness of our products.