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OR DERMITIS reduces the manifestations of Recurrent Summer Dermatitis of Equines (DERE).
This natural product helps reduce itching through its soothing and healing action.
OR DERMITE is a mixture of plants specially selected for their antihistamine properties reducing hypersensitivity.

Soothes itching, Skin healing, Reduces hypersensitivity


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Administration mode

Give 3 mL per 100 kg (≃ 15 to 20 mL/d) between meals directly in the mouth using a syringe after shaking the bottle. To be used as a cure for one month, to be repeated several times if necessary depending on the importance of the dermatitis and the sensitivity of your horse. For optimal results, it should be completed with OR DERMITE SPRAY.


Water, Fluid extracts: Blackcurrant, Burdock, Birch, Desmodium, Horse Chestnut, Chamomile. Essential oils: Juniper, Lemon, Clove, Tea tree, Lavender, Black spruce. Conservatives.

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