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OR BIOTIN provides essential support for the growth of your horse's horn.
It promotes growth and good health.
OR BIOTIN brings shine and health to your horse's coat and mane. It contains biotin combined with vitamin E6 (Zinc) which is an essential component for your horse's cells.

Improves the growth and quality of the horn, Shine of the coat and mane


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A cure of 6 to 8 weeks minimum of 15g/day for a horse (10g for a pony). Then depending on the condition of the horn, coat and hair, continue giving 10g/d for horses and 5g for ponies until complete improvement.


Dextrose, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Iron 1,100 mg/kg, Zinc 10,000 mg/kg, Selenium 10 mg/kg, Vitamin E 4,000 mg/kg, Biotin 2,000 mg/kg

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